When our former cheerleading gym unexpectedly closed its doors in 2019, coaches, parents and athletes rallied together to create a cheerleading program in Manitoba’s southeast corner to ensure cheerleading would continue for our athletes. In a few short months, PCA rose from the ashes and has been burning bright ever since!

We have competitive cheerleading, prep cheerleading, pom and intro to cheer programs, My Space (preschool program) and a robust skills training program focused on tumbling, strength, stability, flexibility and fun. PCA had over 100 athletes in its inaugural year.


Our coaching staff has experience in dance, cheerleading and gymnastics. Our coaches are USASF/IASF credentialed and all of our coaches have training in first aid/CPR, concussion training and Respect in Sport. Coaches over 18 years of age have also had criminal record and child abuse registry checks.

Jenn Jolicoeur
Jenn JolicoeurTumbling Coach
Jenn has worked in the world of gymnastics as a coach for over 30 years and has been involved with the cheer community as a coach and a parent. She leads our coaching staff lending her expertise to support our coaches and athletes.
Janique Fillion
Janique FillionCoach
Janique had danced competitively for over 10 years, competing with Team Canada in the hip hop sector in 2009 in Graz, Austria. She has also taught a dance program for a circus in South Africa back in 2017. She cheered competitively for 1 year as well as helped with chorography.
Emma Booth
Emma BoothCoach
Emma has 4 years of competitive cheerleading experience. She is excited to be back in the cheer gym while getting involved with her community of Ste. Anne!
Brandon Tredway
Brandon TredwayCoach
Brandon has been involved in cheer for five years, first as a parent and now as a coach. WIth three daughters in cheer, he understands the ins and outs of cheerleading and is passionate to keep learning!
Tiffany Recksiedler
Tiffany RecksiedlerCoach
Tiffany has been involved in cheer first as an athlete and eventually as a successful gym owner and coach! She has led teams to win some of the biggest competitions in North America including Nationals and Sea to Sky. In the past, Tiffany was also part of the Cheer Manitoba Board of Directors.
Andrew Recksiedler
Andrew RecksiedlerCoach
Andrew has been involved in cheer for over a decade as an athlete, coach, gym owner and a credentialer for cheerleading in Manitoba. He has coached teams that went on to win the highest accolades at national and international levels.
Jazmine Bedient
Jazmine BedientCoach
Jazmine was a cheer athlete for many years and is excited to share her love of the sport with our athletes!
Alexis Jolicoeur
Alexis JolicoeurCoach
Alexis has been in cheer for many years as an athlete and, in the last few years, as a coach with our specialty routine athletes.

Board of Directors

The PCA Board of Directors is run entirely by a group of dedicated parent volunteers who oversee the business aspects of the program.

Jolene Chuhai – Chair
Tiffany Tredway – Co-Chair
Meaghan Boras – Treasurer
Megan Johnson – Secretary
Michelle Mateychuk – Member-at-Large
Jennifer Froese – Member-at-Large
Stefanie Wikander – Member-at-Large