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Jenn Jolicoeur

Director, Program Director & Tumbling Coach

Jenn has worked in the world of gymnastics as a coach for over 30 years and has been involved with the cheer community as a coach and a parent. She leads our coaching staff lending her expertise to support our coaches and athletes.

Shelby Kostyshyn

Head Coach

Coach Shelby is a seasoned cheerleader-turned-coach, with a vibrant history of cheering for the Dakota Lancers in high school, sporting green jackets and later transitioning to Central for an extensive tenure. Currently, she's leading the Phoenix cheer squad, approaching her third season with enthusiasm and experience.

Jessica Jolicoeur


Jessica brings years of gymnastics and cheerleading experience to Phoenix Cheer, having dedicated 7 years to gymnastics and 5 years to cheerleading (on Scorpions, Manitoba Storm & Vision Cheer) From coaching the My Space program to managing our social media and content, she's been an integral part of our team since day one.

Emma Booth


Emma has 4 years of competitive cheerleading experience. She is excited to be back in the cheer gym while getting involved with her community of Ste. Anne!

Kelsey Copeland


Kelsey has 19 years of dance experience with 8 of those being competitive dance. She has trained in a variety of styles. Kelsey also has a gymnastics background which includes performing at the World Gymnaestrada in Amsterdam in 2023. Kelsey has two years of competitive cheer experience as an athlete. Kelsey is currently Cheer Manitoba Level 2 certified and ICU Pom 1 certified. Outside of being a coach Kelsey is a physical education teacher so prioritizes active living and health for all athletes.

Latasha Spence


Coach Latasha is a dynamic leader in the cheerleading world, boasting a solid track record with the Bombers Cheerleading team from 2019 to 2021 and again in 2023, along with a stint with the Sea Bears in 2023. With over a decade of experience in all-star cheerleading, she's also made her mark on the global stage, competing at Worlds from 2022 to 2024.

Amanda Asmundson


Amanda, a fresh addition to Phoenix Cheer as a coach, has discovered a newfound passion for the sport. With four children of her own, she revels in the joy of being surrounded by enthusiastic young athletes, eager to share her love for cheerleading with them.

Brandon Tredway


Brandon has been involved in cheer for five years, first as a parent and now as a coach. With three daughters in cheer, he understands the ins and outs of cheerleading and is passionate to keep learning!

Crystal Clark


CC first found her love for cheer when she started with her high school team at Tec Voc High School. From there, she started coaching through the City of Winnipeg, where she grew from one team to three before moving on. As a former cheerleader, she understands the dynamics of the cheer world and brings her passion and dedication to Phoenix.

Breklyn Baker


Bio coming soon

Shawna Schroeder


Bio coming soon

Christine Starkman


Christine brings over 5 years of cheer experience, having transitioned to coaching our space program passionately for over a year. With a background as a swimming instructor for 12 years and raising three kids, her dedication to Phoenix cheer shines through her diverse expertise and commitment.

Our coaching staff have experience in dance, cheerleading and gymnastics.


Our coaches are USASF/IASF credentialed and all of our coaches have training in first aid/CPR, concussion training and Respect in Sport. Coaches over 18 years of age have also had criminal record and child abuse registry checks. All staff has training in NCCP Make Ethical Decisions, NCCP Rule of 2, NCCP Bystander Empowerment, NCCP Emergency Action Plan, NCCP Gender Based Violence, NCCP Modeling Healthy Relationships, NCCP Understanding Teen Dating Violence.

Do you want to be a Cheer Coach?

We are looking for positive and passionate cheer coaches to join the team, is this you?

Darryn Duncan – Chair
Sonja Chabluk – Co-Chair
Stacy Harder – Treasurer

Jazmin Balness - Member-at-Large

Rob Morin – Member-at-Large

Dayna Biggs – Member-at-Large

The PCA Board of Directors is run entirely by a group of dedicated parent volunteers who oversee the business aspects of the program.

Board of Directors

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