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Tiny All Star - U6 Level 1

Coached by the amazing Coach CC and Junior Coach McKenna, these little athletes bring so much joy and energy to our program. Watching them grow and compete is truly heartwarming. This is a fantastic opportunity for your little ones to experience the thrill of competition, with just one practice a week. Come cheer on Team Sparks! 



Mini All Star - U8 Level 1

Our Ember Mini All Star U8 team is coached by the fantastic Coach Latasha and Coach Amanda. We love watching these all stars grow and flourish!


Mini All Star - U8 Prep 1

Blaze Mini Prep Team: Blaze! 🔥 Coached by the wonderful Coach Shelby and Junior Coach Jocelyn & Coach Zarenity! This team offers a fantastic way for your kids to compete without a major commitment. Can’t wait to see this Blaze rise! 💜


Youth All Star Travel Team - U12 Level 1 (Advanced)

Introducing our new Advanced Level 1 travel team: Ryze! ☀️
Coached by Coach Jess and Coach Jenn! Keep your eyes open to where we will be traveling! I’m sure the team will be excited!! Let’s rise together! 


Youth Prep - U12 Prep

Nova Youth Prep U12, coached by Coach CC and Coach Brandon!
Let’s go Nova! We can’t wait to watch you! 💜



Fusion U8 Pom is in the house! Coached by Coach Kelsey! Grab your pompoms and let’s dance! 🎉


Youth Level 1 - U12 Level 1

Youth All Star U12 Smoke! Bring out the smoke!! 💨
Coached by Coach Emma and Coach Amanda. We’re excited to see you step on the mat! 💜


Youth Novice - U12 Novice

Cinder Youth Novice U12, coached by the dedicated Coach Kelsey.
We’re thrilled to see this team come into action and can’t wait to watch them shine! 💜


Adult Cheer - 18+ Performance

INFERNO is in the house! 🔥
Our Adult cheer team is here! 18+ performance team! Coached by Coach Latasha & Coach Jess! Ex-cheerleaders or no experience is required. Come on parents, you got this! 💜


Youth All Star - U12 Level 2

 Youth U12 Level 2 team: Revivals! 💜
Coached by Latasha and Coach CC. Excited for this group to step up on the mat and revive! 🌟


Adult Pom - 18+ Competitive

We’re here for a renewal! 🆕
Introducing our NEW Adult Pom 18+ Renewal team, coached by Coach Kelsey and Coach CC! Come on, parents, you’ve got it! Let’s see you shake your pompoms! 🌟

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